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The Advantages of SmartLipo Atlanta

If you’re new to the confusing world of liposuction, or simply want to know more about SmartLipo, Slimplasty SmartLipo Atlanta is the place for you. You are probably like the millions of other women and men who are looking for that right solution to their problem: the buildup of excessive body fat. If you do nothing else while visiting our site, please take the next few minutes and read this page.

Traditional liposuction has been the decade’s old preferred method for not only the removal of excess body fat, but also in trying to contour those areas to present an improved body image. As late as 2005 this method accounted for the highest number of cosmetic medical procedures in the United States.

In spite of the downsides to traditional liposuction, it remained the only game in town. Counted among its downsides are costs, scarring, recovery time, medical risks such as infection and excessive bleeding, and some drawbacks in its ability to truly sculpt the body for the desired results.

Toward the end of 2005 a request for approval was submitted to the United States Governments Food and Drug Administration (FDA). That request identified a cutting edge, 21st century approach to removal of excessive body fat and body contouring process. That method is known as SmartLipo. Approval was granted and the procedure has now become the fastest growing type of cosmetic medical procedure in the country.

Why this sudden and unparallel growth? Before answering this question let’s take a closer look at the advantages of Smart Lipo over traditional liposuction:
Costs: The SmartLipo method can save you as much as 30% over the cost of traditional liposuction.
Scarring: Because the Smart Lip method uses a medical instrument with the diameter of a piece of a spaghetti noodle there is little body tissue used, meaning little or no scarring.
Recovery time: Depending on the traditional liposuction treatment used your recovery time can be between 7 and 14 days. Here again Smart Lipo proves to be your better choice with the patient resuming day-to-day activities within one or two days.
Medical risks: Because of how the procedure is done and the type of instrument used the likelihood of infection or bleeding is higher than with Smart Lipo.
Results: Among the challenges faced by traditional liposuction is being able to control body contouring in a miniscule manner. Here again, because of the type of instrument used pin point accuracy is often difficult to achieve. With the SmartLipo method no such problem exists. Sculpting the target area is both simple and effective.
What is the leading edge that Smart Lipo has over traditional liposuction? It is its incorporation of the 21st century technology, the medical laser. The use of the laser has revolutionized the field of medicine.


Using the high intensity laser beam, fat is liquefied then removed from your body. This approach allows for the permanent removal of excessive body fat in the least intrusive method known.

Common Questions about Coolsculpting Atlanta

We often gets asked, “What does Coolsculpting feel like?” and that’s a great question because it really is a different experience for everybody. Some people, when we put the device on, will feel an intense tugging and pulling sensation. As we start the cooling, you may feel a little bit of burning, a little bit of stinging, or a little bit of tingling. For me, it does give me a little bit of a cramping and aching sensation. You’re going to go numb anywhere between five and ten minutes after the device starts cooling. After that, it’s smooth sailing. You can watch a movie, take a nap, or even talk on the phone. Once we take the device off, the sensation can be different for everyone as well. You can get some cramping. You can get some stinging. You can get some aching or your numb and you don’t feel a thing. It’s a great treatment and out of all of our treatments that we’ve done, not a single person has said that they wished they didn’t do it because of how it felt and we’re all happy with the results.

Is Coolsculpting for men or women?

We’ve done thousands of complimentary consultations really educating people on what Coolsculpting is, and if it can take them from the body that they have to the body that they want. Some of the phrases that we commonly hear women talking about are, “If I could just button my pants without having my love handles hang over…or if I could just fit back into those skinny jeans…or if I could just put on a tight fitting shirt without being self conscious about the bulges.” I’ll be honest with you, we even have women who are a little bit older demographic and all they talk about is those hormonal shifts and waking up being absolutely horrified that they’re going to lose control over their body that they once were able to control with proper diet and exercise. Coolsculpting isn’t just for women. It’s for men too. Men are also often concerned with their love handles or their man pecs and they just can’t get rid of them with proper diet and exercise. Coolsculpting in Atlanta, GA can be an absolutely perfect solution to those trouble areas that are leaving you feeling self conscious, unconfident, and maybe even unworthy.


Ultherapy Atlanta Treatment – Nonsurgical Facelift

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Williams, a professional stylist and aspiring TV presenter. I recently had the new Ultherapy Atlanta treatment because I was really intrigued to see what impact it would have on my skin. We’ve all heard about the radio frequency treatments, but ultrasound was something new and I wanted to see whether it could work or not.

This treatment is supposed to work in the really deep layers of your skin. It regenerates your collagen and I was really intrigued to see whether that would have an impact. I’m in my forties, I’ve got good skin, but I was definitely starting to feel that slight droopiness and I realized I was starting to pull my skin up more and more often and I thought, “Okay, it’s definitely time to invest in my face for the future.” I felt Ultherapy was a good treatment for that because what it does is it really regenerates the very deep layers of the skin. So, it’s almost rebuilding that collagen but it’s not even just the collagen, it’s deeper than the collagen. You’re rebuilding those layers and making them strong again. You’re putting the structure back into your skin.

ultherapy before after

I really believe it’s important to invest in improving the quality of your skin rather than just fixing a problem, because that will help you look more natural for longer and it’s definitely going to give you a more long-lasting youthful effect. As far as aging, we all want to look good for our age. We’re not trying to look super young anymore. We just want to look healthy and fresh for the age that we are and I think Ultherapy is one of those treatments that enable you to do that.

Really, while you’re on that table for an hour (it’s a tad bit uncomfortable), but after that, you look absolutely amazing. I’m now three months post having had the treatment and all of those benefits are really starting to kick in. Definite improvement along the jawline. The earlier you do it when you’re just starting to show signs of aging, the better you’re going to look.


Either way, in terms of the treatment that is only an hour long, not that uncomfortable, but having those deep results in the skin, I think it’s quite amazing. So if you’re someone who looks in the mirror and is starting to see a bit of looseness around the jawline, perhaps the neck, or even droopy eyebrows, consider Ultherapy because I think it will give you a much more long-term and long lasting effect.

So my experience with Ultherapy has been extremely positive one. I’ve really seen results and those results are going to get better and better and I think the thing I love about it is that it empowers me to take control of my aging journey. By doing ultrasound, you’re really investing in your face for the future. You’re not just fixing a problem. You’re coming up with a long-term solution that’s ultimately going to make you look and feel your best.